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3 Totally Avoidable Safety Training Mistakes

3 Totally Avoidable Safety Training Mistakes

Hazardous material safety training is one of the most important things your business will do.

Hazardous material safety training is one of the most important things your business will do. Keeping everyone safe is important for your business as much as it is for your employees. Effective safety training goes a long way toward achieving this. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes a lot of businesses tend to make with their training. With some small adjustments, these mistakes can be easily avoided.

Hazardous Material Safety Training Is Not “One Size Fits All”

Some companies think that showing new hires a video on how to do their job and then sending them off to do it is the right way to go. This is far from true. For starters, those training videos are often boring and not all that engaging. With a real person teaching, they can discuss specific regulations and how they apply to your business. The instructor will also be able to answer questions, making the training more informative and relatable instead of some generic video.

Regulations Are Important to You, But Why Should Employees Care?

Following OSHA regulations is extremely important to your company, both for the safety of your workers and for the safety of your company as a whole. Another common training mistake is when companies stress the regulations so much that they forget to mention why they are important. This problem is easily solved by providing examples of different situations that might happen on the job and talk about how they could have been avoided or solved by following regulations. Making rules relatable is a huge step towards making sure they are followed.

Remember: Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day

Quite possibly one of the biggest hazardous material safety training mistakes you can make is “training day”: when employees take an entire day devoted to learning safety procedures. This sounds like a great idea, right? Actually, if you think about it for a minute, it kind of isn’t. Learning is an ongoing process. It doesn’t matter how interesting or engaging your training is if you try to pack it all into too short of a time. Ultimately, you should do your research to figure out which method of safety training works best for your business. There are many different ways training can be completed successfully. A safe workplace is the ultimate goal for all of them.


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