Since 1995

Life Sciences

Facilities in the life sciences industry face unique environmental concerns when it comes to the disposal of their wastes. Biotechnology firms, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare facilities possess chemical, biological wastes, and controlled substances that must be disposed of according to strict local, state, and federal regulations.

At AEG Environmental, we understand the environmental challenges faced by healthcare facilities as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. We have extensive experience managing the disposal of hazardous waste and our team is highly trained to deal with the unique health and regulatory concerns posed by these industries. Since 1995, we have offered hazardous waste disposal services to medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and more throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Our Life Sciences division is dedicated to your unique environmental and waste disposal needs. Due to the specific requirements of facilities in the Life Sciences, we dedicate an entire department solely to the needs of the industry. Our Life Sciences division is focused exclusively on serving such facilities.

Our services include:

Pharmaceutical and chemical waste collection, packing, and disposal services. Pharmaceutical and drug waste must be disposed of in accordance with strict regulations. It is critical to work with a pharmaceutical waste disposal firm that can see the process through from initial collection all the way through to disposal. We also offer infectious waste disposal services to meet the needs of your facility.

Waste-to-Energy incineration. Our state-of-the-art WtE solution can turn your non-hazardous waste into productive energy, offering an innovative solution that is both environmentally friendly and economical.

Laboratory relocations. When you need to relocate your laboratory, you will need the assistance of a company that understands how to handle the hazardous materials found in your facility. AEG Environmental is your ideal partner.

Emergency spill response. A spill can occur at any hour, which is why we offer environmental cleanup emergency response 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We can handle any spill at any time at any type of facility.

Decontamination services. If your facility has been contaminated, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to decontaminate it thoroughly and efficiently.

Training services. We offer a wide variety of training services to help you stay in compliance with all safety and environmental regulations at a local, state, and federal level.

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