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4 Consequences of Non-Compliant Hazardous Waste Management

4 Consequences of Non-Compliant Hazardous Waste Management

Dealing with hazardous waste is a dangerous and messy job.

Dealing with hazardous waste is a dangerous and messy job. As such, all companies who handle this task must remain in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws regarding proper disposal. When the companies are not in compliance, they could be subject to severe punishments for it. Here is more information about some of those consequences.

Harsh Fines

One of the least severe punishments is still bound to affect any companies that are found to be non-compliant by dutiful inspectors. If you have to pay heavy fines, this will also remove money from your bottom line that would ordinarily go towards yearly profits or being able to give raises to your employees. In addition, insurance premiums will begin to climb, and it’s also possible that future legal troubles will follow. All toxic waste spills must be contained and cleaned up as quickly as possible.


Simply put, noncompliance is illegal. The longer your business remains noncompliant, the more trouble you will be in; EPA and OSHA both have regulations regarding this situation, and none of them look kindly on noncompliance. If you fail safety inspections, you could be shut down either temporarily or permanently. This is easily avoided by doing your best to achieve compliance standards and continue to abide by them in the future. Stay on top of the changing regulations, as they could be set to change every year, or in some cases, every six months. 

Increased Stress

Non-compliance leads to an unsafe working environment. This can also contribute to higher stress levels in the workplace. Taking the confusion out of the equation decreases the amount of stress that there, especially in emergency situations where no one knows which protocol to follow. Don’t overwork your employees, as it could lead to careless mistakes, fatigue, and other issues that will affect productivity and safety. 

Safety Risks

Let’s finish by looking at some of the safety risks involved. All rules and regulations are written with everyone’s best interests in mind – for employees and visitors alike. Accidental fires, spills, electrical outages and explosions can all put everyone on site in harm’s way. Don’t let that happen on your watch


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