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4 Things That Can be Cleaned with Dry Ice Blasting

4 Things That Can be Cleaned with Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting works differently than other blast-cleaning methods.

Dry ice blasting works differently than other blast-cleaning methods. The -109.3°F temperature of the dry ice collides with whatever needs to be removed and causes it to shrink and lose adhesion, leaving behind a clean surface. As the dry ice quickly blasts through the dirt on the surface, its contact with that warmer surface causes the dry ice to turn back into carbon dioxide gas. Since the gas has a much higher volume, it expands quickly and accelerates the removal process. So, what can actually be cleaned by this method?


Because of the extremely cold temperature of the dry ice, it is far easier to remove adhesives. The lower temperature weakens the adhesive bond so it just comes off. More abrasive methods cause friction, which can generate heat and can work against you with some types of adhesives. Some things can even be blasted with dry ice while they are still running!

Clean Up After a Fire

When there is a fire, it can leave harmful residue behind. If your building is still structurally sound and just needs to be cleaned, consider dry ice blasting. It will get rid of all the toxic residue, soot, and odor after a fire. Oftentimes, dry ice blasters will actually work with insurance companies to get properties back on their feet even more quickly.

Remove Mold

Dry ice blasting has proved very successful in removing mold from wood. Because of the extremely high pressure, the mold is totally eradicated. Dry ice blasting goes beneath the surface, to the top layer of the wood and removes it which blasts away even the roots of the mold. What you’re left with is a beautiful, clean wood surface.

Printing Presses

A printing press is a very delicate piece of equipment. For it to remain precise, it must always be kept clean and free of foreign debris of any kind. A printing press should be cleaned regularly to prevent any potential need for re-printing. A trained dry ice blasting crew will be able to keep these delicate machines clean and running well.


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