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Best Practices for Hazardous Waste Disposal

Best Practices for Hazardous Waste Disposal

Best practices have been developed to help with the safe management and disposal of hazardous waste.

Federal laws mandate companies to dispose of various types of hazardous and pharmaceutical waste in a proper manner. Best practices have developed which companies can follow that can help them comply with the law and avoid costly fines. Here are 4 of those best practices.


The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act gave the EPA authority to define what hazardous waste is and how to dispose of it properly. So, the first best practice for disposing of hazardous waste is identifying it against EPA guidelines and determining how much of it that your company produces. The EPA defines this as “hazardous waste determination” and it is standard procedure for industries dealing with hazardous waste.

Characterization and Segregation

This best practice involves determining the character of the hazardous waste – in other words, what makes the waste hazardous in the first place. Toxicity, flammability, acidity, corrosiveness, and other characteristics make a particular material hazardous. These substances can cause serious problems if they are commingled or disposed of together. This fact, combined with federal regulations, is why companies are required to segregate hazardous waste.

Consideration of Regulatory Groups

The EPA isn’t the only federal body with authority over the question of hazardous waste. The Department of Transportation, Drug Enforcement Authority, and OSHA also regulate the handling and disposal of waste, and your local government may also have more stringent regulations that your company will have to follow.

Choosing the Right Disposal Company

With all of these factors in play, most companies don’t have the expertise and know-how to take care of their hazardous waste disposal in-house. A dedicated, experienced waste management company needs to be employed in order to dispose of hazardous waste promptly and properly. A great waste management solution will also help you in all aspects of hazardous waste management and provide training for your employees so they stay compliant and safe.


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