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Dry Ice Blasting in Commercial Spaces

Dry Ice Blasting in Commercial Spaces

Fortunately, AEG Environmental has the perfect solution for getting that icky, sticky gum off of almost any surface.

Most of the time you hear about dry ice blasting, it’s being used in an industrial space or some sort of chemical facility. While it is perfect for those types of scenarios, dry ice blasting has many different applications across many types of spaces, most notably: public, commercial areas. Think about the last time you walked down the sidewalk by your local shopping mall, did you see the random black spots all over the sidewalk? Well, those spots are most likely chewing gum and it is notoriously difficult to clean all of that up. Fortunately, AEG Environmental has the perfect solution for getting that icky, sticky gum off of almost any surface. Dry ice blasting is a no-mess, non-hazardous alternative to using harsh chemicals and other methods for cleaning stubborn messes in commercial spaces.

How it Works

Much like using a pressure washer, dry ice blasting is pelting the stuck-on residue with something highly pressurized but with one huge difference: there is NO clean-up or waiting for the areas to dry before they can be used again. The dry ice blasting machine is loaded with tiny pellets of frozen CO2. When the pellets come out of the blaster and make contact with the gum (or whatever other stuck-on residues you’re dealing with) it is flash-frozen and basically just falls off. CO2 has such a low freezing point that whatever it contacts becomes frozen also.

After the Dry Ice Blasting

Once your dry ice blasting is done, that’s it! There’s nothing else! The cleaning process itself doesn’t take much time. Since there are no harsh chemicals, you won’t need to let the space “air out.” No water means that there’s no drying time. There are no electrical risks to worry about because dry ice is not conductive. Dry ice blasting is a game-changer for business owners everywhere because it enables them to get their spaces cleaned with minimal-to-no downtime, how many other cleaning methods can say that?


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