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The Beauty of Dry Ice Blasting


dry ice blasting

Dry Ice Blasting can keep even the most intricate systems clean.

Part of operating an industrial facility is keeping it clean. This can often prove quite difficult when there is a lot of complex machinery, contamination, or other factors. Rather than leaving your facility open to the dangers of being unclean, you should think about ensuring its sanity. Now, there are many methods of cleaning that you can invest in, but here’s why you should think about dry ice blasting. Ready to take a look?

What is dry ice blasting?

When you have a complex piece of machinery, you will need to clean the more intricate pieces. This can be a challenge, but this is where dry ice blasting comes in. We take a little pellet of CO2 and shoot it at the afflicted area. Repetition of this activity cleans and decontaminates the impact area without creating a mess. You see, CO2 vaporizes upon impact, which means that it will clean itself up as it is used. Unlike water blasting, there is no clean-up needed. This makes it an effective and efficient method of decontamination, which is a very beautiful thing.

Get rid of the filth without damaging the machinery.

Machinery is expensive. Complex machinery is not only expensive, but it can also be very difficult to replace. So, when you set out to have your machinery cleaned, dry ice blasting should be strongly considered. It causes no abrasion to your items, which means that they will last longer. Maintenance is important, but maintenance without unnecessary damage is excellent.

Remove mold and dangerous bacteria.

Food processing can be a dangerous business. The threat of contaminated food items is always present. Ensuring a safe product for your clients is not only imperative, it’s vital to maintain your business. Dry ice blasting can offer you a safe decontamination option. It can removed mold as well as E.Coli, Salmonela, and Listeria. All three of these types of bacteria can be exceptionally dangerous, but can be safely removed with this process.

Need dry ice blasting in your facility?

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