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Elements of an Effective Emergency Response

Elements of an Effective Emergency Response

For the safety of your facility and your employees, you need to have an effective way of dealing with emergencies in place.

Emergencies are, by definition, unpredictable. When you’re working in a facility with hazardous materials, safety is paramount. For the safety of your facility and your employees, you need to have an effective way of dealing with emergencies in place. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind for your hazardous material emergency response.

Have a Plan

Many State and Federal regulations require you to have a plan for a hazardous material emergency. Make sure your facility’s plan is fully comprehensive. Go over the plan with your staff and address any questions or concerns they have. Proper hazardous material safety training is key to your emergency response plan.

Keep the Situation Contained

When there is a spill, the person who is on-site should be able to figure out where the spill is coming from, estimate how much has already spilled and figure out anything that would be in immediate danger. For example, at a gas station if there is a spill of gasoline the attendant has a kit that will protect patrons from damage and contain and clean up the spilled gas. At a hazardous material facility such as a lab, or manufacturing plant, the risks are on a much larger scale but the principles are still the same: contain the leak and protect the surrounding area.


Different states and counties have different reporting regulations. Know what the regulations are for the area in which you are operating and report any spills or other emergencies accordingly.

Develop a Post-Emergency Plan

Once the spill is contained and the initial crisis has been averted, you will need to have a plan for what is to happen next. For some spills, it can take time for the area to fully recover. Some hazardous materials leave a lasting residue that cannot be simply cleaned up. You will need to have a long-term plan for making sure the area has been properly decontaminated so that you can avoid future hazards.


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