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How a Chemical Spill Affects People, the Environment, and Your Facility

How a Chemical Spill Affects People, the Environment, and Your Facility

Today, we will review what makes a chemical spill so dangerous.

Even if you store chemicals the right way and you have a solid chemical spill program in effect, there’s still always the chance of an accident occurring. Chemical spills happen more often than you may expect, and you’ll want to have an effective response plan to minimize the impact of a chemical spill if one takes place.

If you don’t deal with chemical spills, they can cause all sorts of damage to facilities and everyone inside of them. Today, we will review what makes a chemical spill so dangerous.

How a Chemical Spill Affects People

There are a lot of different chemicals that can be spilled, and they can affect people in different ways, depending on the spilled chemical in question. Some chemicals create toxic gasses that can cause fatalities or serious illnesses. The more of these gasses that get inhaled, the more damaging they can be to people.

Some chemicals are corrosive and can burn people upon contact. They can cause damage to either respiratory tracts and/or eyesight as well.

Other chemicals have carcinogenic effects that onset long after they are initially inhaled, and they can result in lung cancer once enough time has passed.

Lastly, there are chemicals that can either explode or cause fires.

How a Chemical Spill Affects Structures

It’s not only people who can be impacted by a chemical spill. Facilities can also suffer damage from these spills in a few manners.

Some chemicals can start fires inside of buildings. In severe cases, buildings can end up collapsing entirely.

If a facility is exposed to toxic chemicals, you might not be able to use the building for a long time due to how dangerous the chemicals inside the building may be. You’ll have to wait for the chemical spill to be completely addressed before you can go back inside.

How a Chemical Spill Affects the Environment

Lastly, chemical spills can have a negative effect on the environment. If various chemicals, such as oil, get into bodies of water, marine life can be compromised. In addition, soil can also be affected by different chemicals. If chemical spills are able to get into soil, the affected area might no longer be capable of sustaining plant life. As a result, different kinds of fauna and flora will no longer be able to grow, and the area will have to be abandoned.

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