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How to Decide on a Hazardous Waste Transporter

How to Decide on a Hazardous Waste Transporter

Here are tips to help you decide on a hazardous waste transporter.

For companies that work with hazardous waste, you are responsible for properly handling and disposing of your waste. But handling everything on your own can sometimes be too much. Sometimes, the best way to manage your waste is to trust a hazardous waste transporter with the task. It’s not always easy to decide on a hazardous waste transporter because there are so many companies from which to choose. However, there are some tips to make the decision easier. Here are tips to help you decide on a hazardous waste transporter.

Make Sure Your Hazardous Waste Transporter Complies With All Regulations

Any hazardous waste transporter is going to use public roads, waterways, as well as railways to get around. This means that the U.S. DOT and the EPA needed to put requirements in place, such as EPA identification numbers and permits. There are also states that keep public databases maintained, keeping track of permitted and licensed waste transporters.

Make sure that your hazardous waste transporter has current permits/licenses and see if they have had any past violations. You might also want to ask your transporter questions regarding their driving records, if they’ve had any accidents, or if they have made any violations at the local, state, or federal level within the past two years. Finally, ask questions about contracted companies that your hazardous waste transporter uses because you want to be sure they are in compliance as well.

Figure Out How Much Insurance They Maintain

The kind of insurance a transporter will require, as well as the amount of insurance, is going to vary depending on the kind of waste that is generated and the state in which you reside. You should expect something close to the $1-$5 million range for liability insurance. If your hazardous waste transporter is maintaining the right insurance, it helps ensure you are safe financially in the event that a spill ends up occurring.

Ask Where They Are Located. Try to Stay Local If Possible.

It’s an expensive ordeal to transport hazardous waste from one area to another, and you have to pay more money as the distance goes up. More distance also sends more emissions into the air. What’s more, is that hazardous waste transporters that are larger can sometimes get too big to offer their customers ideal pricing. It’s for reasons such as these that staying local can be a big money-saver for you.

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