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Improve Safety at Your Facility with These Tips

Safety Tips at the Workplace

Building a culture of safety in your facility is everyone’s responsibility.

Going for excellence in all facets of workplace safety is crucial for the success of facilities that regularly use hazardous materials. By placing a special emphasis on safety, you protect your employees from danger and ensure that any incidents which might occur don’t escalate uncontrollably. Not only that, but the law requires employees to complete special training, so your firm might risk penalties detrimental to its bottom line. Don’t just settle for good enough – strive towards complete safety and put safe practices at the forefront of all of your employees’ minds. Here are some tips to help you do just that at your facility.

Transportation Safety

In 2013, 40% of all fatalities on the job were due to transportation incidents. So emphasizing the safety of your drivers is a great place to start improvements in your safety program. Develop a clear, comprehensive, and detailed code of conduct for your drivers. Don’t just state that drivers must practice safe driving habits in general – actually drill down important details such as the usage of seatbelts and driver fitness. In addition, any drivers who are expected to transport hazardous materials must undergo specialized training before doing so.

Fall Safety

16% of workplace fatalities in 2013 were due to trips, slips, and falls. It’s very important to make sure your facility is a safe place for your employees to operate in. Conduct assessments and interview those who are on the floor everyday for their input on the dangers that may be inherent on it. Proper personal protective equipment should be provided at all times, and your facility may need additional methods of protection such as barriers, guard rails, or gates to ensure the safety of your employees.

Contact Injuries

Contact with equipment, object, or hazardous materials accounts for another significant portion of workplace fatalities (in 2013, the number was 717). Providing employees with the appropriate PPE and training is the best way to ensure that they stay safe while they do their jobs.


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