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Make Sure Your HAZMAT Container is Empty

Make Sure Your HAZMAT Container is Empty

Making sure that the HAZMAT container is actually empty is just as important as ensuring that everyone has the PPE that they need.

When dealing with hazardous waste, you need to be as cautious as possible. This doesn’t only apply to your technicians who are responsible for handling the waste, either. Making sure that the HAZMAT container is actually empty is just as important as ensuring that everyone has the PPE that they need. Here is a better look at why.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued three standards regarding emptiness. Following all three can prevent violations. One standard oversees hazardous waste, another has to do with acute hazardous waste, and the third one deals with hazardous waste produced by compressed gas. The first standard defines what RCRA emptiness means, as all of the waste inside has been removed to make it as clean as possible – pouring, pumping, and suction are the three most common methods of emptying waste containers. Once only one inch remains, the one-inch rule takes effect.


It’s easy to think that meeting RCRA emptiness requirements also mean that you won’t run the risk of violating EPA guidelines. Most of the time, this is true. However, in the process of meeting these regulations, you must be careful not to cause a spill or other accident. These situations can spread hazardous waste no matter how careful you are. Residues mixing with industrial solvents meant to disinfect and neutralize them could cause further problems if exposed to air or water, so that is something to remember.


Handling empty containers and touching the inner liners can be dangerous. It’s also time-consuming and potentially costly for your business, even if you specialize in this process. Getting them to be RCRA empty is your best chance to make sure that it really is as clean as you think it is. That way, you can also find other ways to dispose of the containers if you need to, and you might be able to find a different way to approach the problem. Ultimately, it benefits you to contact the experts and have them provide you with further training or assistance if you think it is needed.


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