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Why People Turn to Waste-to-Energy Incineration

Why People Turn to Waste-to-Energy Incineration

Find out the reasons that people will use waste-to-energy incineration.

Are you familiar with waste-to-energy incineration? For those who don’t know what it is, waste-to-energy (WtE) incineration is a process in which waste is used to generate energy, usually electrical and heat energy. The energy gets generated by combusting waste materials with the help of waste incinerators.

Incineration is among the most commonplace methods for WtE there is in the United States. So, why exactly is it as popular as it is? Find out the reasons that people will use waste-to-energy incineration.

It’s a Better Process Than Normal Incineration

Waste-to-energy incineration is seen as a cleaner process than standard incineration. It uses energy that typically gets wasted, all without raising how much waste is burnt in the process. Therefore, if incineration is the one waste management method available, waste-to-energy incineration becomes the preferred option instead of picking normal incineration.

Waste Doesn’t Pile Into Landfills

When managing waste, the last thing people will want to do is throw that waste into landfills. It should only be done when it is the absolute last choice available. Waste-to-energy incineration helps reduce how much waste goes into landfills, which in turn minimizes how many greenhouse gasses get sent into the atmosphere. This benefit does have a dependence on how much waste gets produced, but at the moment, WtE incineration does its part to lower how much volume waste takes up.

Some Resources Can Be Recovered

Something else that’s great about waste-to-energy incineration is that it gives people a better chance at recovering important resources that might otherwise be lost. Such materials include metals that are able to be recycled and retained within our economy. There is even the chance to save mixed materials from being wasted, which can be difficult to recycle. This is because incineration burns up other kinds of materials, like plastic, which causes metals to get left behind. This is a better outcome for the metals because, without WtE incineration, these metals would get buried, not to be used again. Using incineration, all of the recyclable materials will no longer be buried, and instead, they will continue to be circulated throughout the economy, allowing them to be used longer.

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