Since 1995

DOT Training in Manassas, Virginia

DOT Training in Manassas, Virginia

AEG Environmental is the perfect company to trust with your DOT training services.

Are you trying to find a company that can offer DOT training services? If you are, AEG Environmental will be more than happy to help you. AEG Environmental is the perfect company to trust with your DOT training services. We have some of the best training services in the state, and these trainings have been offered to our clients dating back to 1995. We will make sure that your business remains efficient and environmentally compliant at all times.

Who is AEG Environmental?

AEG Environmental is able to help clients by offering waste transporting and disposing services. Whether you need hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, infectious waste, or universal waste to be transported, our staff will find a way to help you out. Our DOT training courses have been optimized thanks to the many years of experience we have training clients.

On top of the training courses themselves, we also value top-notch customer service here at AEG Environmental. We listen to whatever wants and needs all of our clients have, and this input from our clients is what helps us create training courses that are best suited for your needs.

Going Over Our DOT Training Services

DOT training is an important aspect of many industries, especially if you work as a hazmat specialist or technician. DOT is an acronym that represents the Department of Transportation, and you will need DOT training if you are going to transport hazardous waste of any kind. We offer some of the best DOT training services that you can get in Manassas, Virginia. With the services we provide, you will have a much easier time getting all of your waste transported as it should.

Our training courses are made to be relevant to the goals of your industry. Because of this more personalized approach to training services, the training you get is always going to be what’s best for the needs you have.

Why is it Best to Trust AEG Environmental?

Our company’s staff is known for being trustworthy, knowledgeable, and hospitable. We provide only high-quality DOT training services, and working with our staff is made to be as easy as possible. We are also receptive to whatever feedback you want to give us, so make any comments known to us if you think there is a way to improve our services. We want to be sure you get the best experience possible from our staff.

Hazmat Training Courses That Our Staff Offers

There is a large number of hazmat training courses you can get from our company. We cover a wide range of topics, so take a moment to look through our courses and find out which would be the best for you to try.

Hazardous Waste and Emergency Response Training

  • Refresher Training (All)
  • First-Responder-Operations Training
  • First-Responder-Awareness Training
  • HAZMAT Specialist/Technician
  • Incident Commander (HAZMAT)

Other Courses That We Offer

  • DOT Training
  • Fall Protection
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out
  • EPA Training
  • Forklift Safety
  • OSHA Training
  • Electrical Safety

You can look at all of our training courses by going to this page. Take your time looking through all of them, and see which course(s) would be most interesting to you.

Contact AEG Environmental for Your DOT Training Services!

AEG Environmental has the skills, resources, and training to solve any environmental issue you may face, as well as offer the best hazmat training service course for the Manassas, Virginia community. For more information about our hazmat training services, please contact us today!

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