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Dry Ice Blasting in Dundalk, Maryland

Dry Ice Blasting in Dundalk, Maryland

AEG Environmental can offer the dry ice blasting services you need in the Dundalk, Maryland area.

Can your facility benefit from the help of dry ice blasting services? If you think so, then you can call on AEG Environmental to help you out.  AEG Environmental can offer the dry ice blasting services you need in the Dundalk, Maryland area. We know exactly what steps to follow when performing ice blasting for you because we have been cleaning facilities since 1995.

There are many businesses throughout Dundalk that love using ice blasting services because of how effective it is, both at cleaning your facility and at saving time during the cleaning process. Along with those upsides dry ice blasting is completely non-toxic, and it doesn’t leave any sort of residue behind, making the cleanup after ice blasting a breeze. Also, because it is non-conductive as well, you’re even able to leave machines on while you clean them. This keeps your business more efficient

Reviewing Dry Ice Blasting

There are a lot of cleaning methods that businesses can try, but dry ice blasting is a more unique option. Ice blasting utilizes CO2 pellets to clean surfaces. When CO2 pellets collide with enough force against surfaces, they burst and vaporize. Because ice blasting causes these pellets to hit surfaces with plenty of force, the dirt and grime that is on those surfaces will come off immediately. This makes cleaning surfaces very easy, and the post-cleaning process is easy as well because there isn’t any residue left behind during ice blasting.

Perks of Dry Ice Blasting

  • Surfaces don’t get harmed during cleaning
  • Minimal residue is left behind after cleaning has been done
  • Machines can stay operational even while cleaning is taking place
  • Ice blasting is a non-toxic cleaning procedure
  • Cleaning can get completed more accurately, efficiently, and quickly

Industries That Can Use Dry Ice Blasting

There are plenty of ways to utilize dry ice blasting, depending on the type of facility you run. Considering the versatility of this cleaning method, it can appeal to a wide range of facilities. These are a few industries in which dry ice blasting could be useful:

  • Auto Shops: makes it less of a hassle to remove paint from surfaces. Can also be used to clean up jigs as well as engine blocks
  • Electrical: helps to clean up switch boxes and insulators
  • Pharmacies: Good for cleaning up fans, boilers, exhaust systems, stairs, and test tubes.
  • Restoration: Helpful when removing mold and soot, as well as other types of stubborn messes
  • Marine: Helps when cleaning engines and tanks
  • Industrial: Can be used to clean underground tanks, heavy machinery, and conveyors. Also allows you to clean off old paint
  • Food Services: Helpful for cleaning floors, walls, and any food processing machines you have
  • Building Maintenance: Allows HVAC systems to put out cleaner air. Helps remove many kinds of tough messes, like gum

AEG Environmental is the Company to Trust For Dry Ice Blasting Services!

No matter what kind of contaminant you may be facing, AEG Environmental will help. We handle every situation with care, dedication, and a commitment to exemplary customer service. When you have an emergency, you can rely on us! Contact us today to get started with expert dry ice blasting services.

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