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Dry Ice Blasting in Towson, Maryland

Dry Ice Blasting in Towson, Maryland

AEG Environmental is the perfect company to offer dry ice blasting services to clients in the Towson, Maryland area.

Do you think that your facility could make use of dry ice blasting services? If the answer is yes, fortunately, there is help available at AEG Environmental. AEG Environmental is the perfect company to offer dry ice blasting services to clients in the Towson, Maryland area. We’ve been performing ice blasting for years and across a wide range of industries too. With this abundance of experience, we will know what practices to follow to ensure your facility is kept in perfect condition.

Dry ice blasting is an effective procedure to clean facilities, and all sorts of businesses can benefit from it. It’s a non-toxic cleaning method, and it doesn’t leave any residue behind. On top of that, it’s non-abrasive and also much faster than other ways you could clean your business. You can even keep machines running during this cleaning process because of how non-conductive it is.

Reviewing Dry Ice Blasting

Ice blasting is different from other types of cleaning you could be using. This is in part because it uses what are known as CO2 pellets. These pellets clean surfaces by making contact, and once they’ve made contact, they instantly vaporize. Since these pellets hit surfaces with a high amount of force, whatever dirt and grime is stuck to those surfaces won’t be able to stick anymore. This is what makes ice blasting so efficient.

Perks of Dry Ice Blasting

  • Surfaces don’t get damaged during cleaning
  • Low amounts of leftover residue once cleaning is done
  • Machines can stay on during cleaning
  • This cleaning method is non-toxic
  • Cleaning is more accurate, quick, and effective

Which Industries Could Use Dry Ice Blasting

There are a lot of industries that are adopting ice blasting as their preferred method of cleaning their facilities. Ice blasting is highly flexible, allowing it to serve the purposes of many industries. These are some of the industries that could benefit from the use of ice blasting:

  • Auto Shops: helps with removing paint from surfaces. Also applicable on engine blocks and jigs.
  • Electrical: can help with cleaning insulators and switch boxes.
  • Food Services: Useable for cleaning walls and floors. Also makes it easier to clean food processing machines.
  • Building Maintenance: Maintains cleaner air from HVAC systems. Allows you to remove stubborn stains more easily, such as gum, that would otherwise be more difficult to remove.
  • Industrial: Can be applied to heavy machinery and to surfaces with old paint. Also helpful for cleaning conveyors and underground tanks.
  • Pharmacies: Useful on stairs, fans, and exhaust systems. Also helpful for cleaning boilers and test tubes.
  • Marine: useful for getting tanks and engines cleaned.
  • Restoration: Can help with mold and soot, among other types of stubborn messes.

AEG Environmental is the Company to Trust For Dry Ice Blasting Services!

No matter what kind of contaminant you may be facing, AEG Environmental will help. We handle every situation with care, dedication, and a commitment to exemplary customer service. When you have an emergency, you can rely on us! Contact us today to get started with expert dry ice blasting services.

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