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Dry Ice Blasting Services in Hanover, Pennsylvania

Dry Ice Blasting Services in Hanover, Pennsylvania

Dry ice blasting is being recognized as one of the most efficient cleaning choices available right now.

Do you have a business in Hanover, Pennsylvania, in need of dry ice blasting services? If you do, you can trust AEG Environmental with the task of getting your business cleaned up. Many people have turned to dry ice blasting for their cleaning needs. It doesn’t use any toxins, and there isn’t any secondary waste left behind. It’s also faster doing cleaning jobs this way, all while being more gentle on the surfaces on which it’s used. It is being recognized as one of the most efficient cleaning choices available right now, and it’s even non-conductive and non-abrasive. This means machinery will stay fully functional while the cleaning occurs.

Reviewing What Dry Ice Blasting Is

Dry ice blasting utilizes frozen CO2 pellets as a means of cleaning surfaces. The pellets vaporize whenever they collide with surfaces. Because of the intensity of the collision, contaminants on affected surfaces will be cleaned off, unable to latch onto those surfaces. This is what makes this method as effective as it is. Because the CO2 pellets vaporize on impact, it minimizes how much cleanup there is after the job is done.

What Dry Ice Blasting Can Do to Assist You

  • You can clean items incredibly quickly, all without having to turn off your power due to safety concerns.
  • Cleanup is easy due to having no secondary waste leftover.
  • The procedure is non-abrasive, so surfaces don’t get damaged in the cleaning process.
  • It’s a highly efficient way to clean surfaces.
  • It’s able to clean contaminated surfaces by non-toxic means.

Are Dry Ice Blasting Services Right For Your Business?

With its high efficiency, this type of cleaning has become the ideal choice for deep cleaning jobs. Due to this, dry ice blasting has benefited all kinds of industries. Here are some of the industries dry ice blasting has helped:

  • Auto Shops: able to be used on jigs and engine blocks while also helping strip vehicles of old paint.
  • Electrical: helps with switch boxes and insulators.
  • Food Services: makes sure food-processing machinery stays clean. Also handy at cleaning walls and floors.
  • Building Maintenance: makes buildings more safe by helping to clean off HVAC units. Helps remove bothersome adhesives such as gum. Also helps to clean off walls, floors, and furniture.
  • Industrial: can assist in cleaning heavy gear, usable for removing old paint. Capable of cleaning underground tanks and conveyors.
  • Pharmacies: this is an industry that requires regular cleaning. Blasting helps to clean off boilers and test tubes. You can also use dry ice blasting to clean fans, stairs, and exhaust systems.
  • Marine: Can assist in cleaning tanks and engines.
  • Restoration: Much easier to remove stubborn messes, like soot and mold, when using dry ice blasting services.

AEG Environmental is the Perfect Company for Your Dry Ice Blasting Needs

No matter what kind of contaminant you may be facing, AEG Environmental will help. We handle every situation with care, dedication, and a commitment to exemplary customer service. When you have an emergency, you can rely on us! Contact us today to get started with expert dry ice blasting services today.

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