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Emergency Mercury Clean-Up Services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

aeg environmental emergency mercury clean-up services in harrisburg

If your company is searching for emergency mercury clean up services in Harrisburg, then you have found the right team of experts with AEG Environmental.

Harrisburg is a wonderful town located in Pennsylvania. If your company is searching for emergency mercury clean-up services in Harrisburg, then you have found the right team of experts with AEG Environmental.

Harrisburg Emergency Mercury Clean-Up Company

The mercury vapors and microbeads are complex to clean up, so AEG Environmental has one of the best emergency mercury cleanup services on the east coast. With over 20 years of experience delivering mercury remediation services to clients in Harrisburg, PA, our highly skilled team of technicians will be able to accurately examine your premises and offer solutions for any mercury problems. Plus, our professional responders will review the spill site and develop a decontamination plan to reduce the risk and liability linked with a hazardous mercury spill.

Moreover, we know firsthand that cleaning up mercury vapors and microbeads is challenging. So, AEG Environmental has one of the east coast’s premier emergency mercury cleanup services. Check out our website today!

Effective Mercury Clean-Up Services in Harrisburg, PA

Elemental mercury spills are common and dangerous. If not cleaned up, an elemental mercury spill can lead to severe health threats to residents and anyone who travels to the contaminated site. When elemental mercury drops and hits a hard surface, it converts into microbeads that might travel up to 3 feet for every foot it falls from. Additionally, these microbeads provoke a significant threat due to this increased surface area.

Furthermore, the vapors from the microbeads can harm anyone, particularly children and adults with weak immune systems. Mercury is also not something to handle carelessly, so you need professionals for proper mercury cleanup services. In conclusion, AEG Environmental has the knowledge, expertise, and adequate training to handle mercury safely and efficiently. Call our mercury remediation company toll-free at 1-877-876-1100!

A Proper Mercury Inspection in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

There are multiple questions to ask when examining a mercury problem. Did you previously have a mercury spill on your commercial property? If yes, could you decontaminate the site adequately? Elemental mercury is a silver-colored metal that becomes a liquid at room temperature. While it’s known as dangerous, mercury may be used in standard artificial products such as thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, switches, and light bulbs. Occasionally, mercury accidentally spills from these items and releases into the environment. Finally, the results may be dire when people are exposed to mercury vapors.

Unfortunately, a mercury spill can occur in many places. Fortunately, AEG Environmental has handled them in the following locations:

  • Schools
  • Vehicles
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Medical clinics
  • Homes and apartments
  • Utilities
  • Historic buildings
  • Laboratories
  • Ships
  • Dental offices


We are a trusted team of mercury remediation and environmental waste professionals in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Don’t risk your safety and health! If you think there has been a mercury spill, call us today and get a proper mercury assessment of your property.

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