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Hazmat Emergency Response in DC

AEG Environmental hazmat emergency response in DC

AEG Environmental can provide you with an efficient hazmat emergency response in DC.

Does your company need someone who can supply you with hazmat emergency response processes? If you do, you can trust the staff at AEG Environmental. We’ll be able to tackle whatever emergency you have for us, regardless of its magnitude or complexity.

Our phone service is available at all times, and it’s staffed by employees with the training to launch the emergency response team we have. You can be in touch with our incident commanders in just moments.

Taking a Look At Our Emergency Response Services

Our services are adaptable to your facility’s needs. You can pick from three different levels of service, which are Product Assistance, Limited Response, Full Response.

Which Level Should You Pick?

  • Product Assistance: This level is best for small and medium-sized messes. The mess is typically already controlled well, and you have staff nearby who are trained to handle it. All this level does is provide you with the tools needed to get the job done.
  • Limited Response: By choosing this level, your staff will work alongside our staff to clean the mess. We will be the ones taking command of the mess, and you get the chance to learn from our knowledgeable team.
  • Full Response: At the full response level, you can call our hazmat emergency response phone number (410-494-7587). Once called, we will have a whole hazmat emergency response sent to you. We take complete command of the situation, which is why it’s the highest level of service we offer. Consider this level if you don’t have experience cleaning up dangerous spills on your own.

Transportation Options We Have

Our staff can dispose of whatever kinds of waste you need, whether it’s solid, liquid, or sludge. You can get it disposed of either in bulk or in drums if you prefer. We also have many means of transporting your waste, so feel free to choose one that is best for your business.

We have box trucks, tank trailers, van trailers, roll-offs, flatbeds, and vacuum straight trucks, each of which has its uses.

What Happens to Your Hazardous Materials?

AEG Environmental will make certain that your hazardous waste is sent to treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDFs). Non-hazardous waste will end up being sent to waste consolidation facilities. These places are where the non-hazardous waste will be disposed of at specially-approved facilities. If you wish, we can offer you our Certificate of Disposal. The Certificate of Disposal reviews the time at which waste was disposed, as well as the location of disposal.

AEG Environmental is the Company You Should Trust for Dependable Hazmat Emergency Response Services!

AEG Environmental has the skills, resources, and training to solve any environmental issue you may face. Our team of hazardous material technicians has over 20 years of experience transporting and disposing of non-hazardous, hazardous, infectious, and universal wastes. We welcome both projects, big and small, and we pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service. For more information about our waste transport and disposal services, please contact us today!

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