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Hazmat Emergency Response in Aspers, PA

aeg environmental hazmat emergency response in aspers

Does your Aspers, Pennsylvania, business have a need for hazmat emergency response services?

Does your Aspers, Pennsylvania, business have a need for hazmat emergency response services? If you believe so, consider hiring AEG Environmental to help you. For a business that can offer hazmat emergency response services around Aspers, Pennsylvania, there’s AEG Environmental. We have experience with many types of chemical emergencies, and we’ll even use our cleanup expertise to get your company back to being a clean and safe environment.

We also have an emergency phone service that you can access anytime you need it. Using this phone service will put you in contact with our team. In addition, we’ll have a hazmat unit sent to your company to take control of what may be plaguing your facility.

Aspers Hazmat Emergency Response Company

Chemical spills come in different ways, so AEG Environmental has various response levels that you can use based on the severity of your mess. Read on to learn more about these different response levels:

  • The Product Assistance level is the lowest response level that AEG Environmental has. At this level, you still have to clean whatever spill you have. What our staff does is offer the necessary materials so you can clean your spill. So, we recommend you to utilize this level if your staff is experienced with cleaning chemical spills.
  • If you opt for the Limited Response level, you’ll receive access to a few extra services. Instead of having us simply bring you cleaning materials, our employees will work with you to clean whatever spill you may have. As a result, this will allow your employees to learn cleaning techniques from our company, allowing you to clean spills more efficiently in the future.
  • The Full Response level is our company’s highest response level. When you pick this level, our staff will be in complete charge of your situation. Also, we won’t involve your staff in the cleaning process in any way. This is the response level we believe companies should choose if they don’t want your staff handling chemical cleanup. Or perhaps you don’t have the necessary experience to clean chemical spills properly.

Hazmat Emergency Response Services in Aspers, Pennsylvania

Furthermore, AEG Environmental has significant vehicles for transporting whatever waste products you have. Here are some of those transportation options that you can get through AEG Environmental (but are not limited to):

  • Flat Beds
  • Van Trailers
  • Box Trucks
  • Vacuum Straight Trucks
  • Roll-Offs

AEG Environmental operates a non-regulated waste facility in Maryland. The Maryland Department of the Environment permits this facility to store petroleum-contaminated liquids, solids, and sludges.


AEG Environmental has the skills, resources, and training to solve any environmental issue you may face. Our team of hazardous material technicians has over 20 years of experience transporting and disposing of non-hazardous, hazardous, infectious, and universal wastes. We welcome both projects, big and small, and we pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service. For more information about our waste transport and disposal services, please contact us today!

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