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Ice Blasting in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania

Ice Blasting in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for a company to offer ice blasting services around Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, call AEG Environmental today.

Businesses around Abbottstown, Pennsylvania are going to get messy over time. When this happens, it’s important that you know how to get your business back into top shape. For businesses in need of a cleaning solution, we advise that you consider using ice blasting. A lot of industries have embraced ice blasting over the years because of how effective it is, being able to handle all kinds of messes.

If you’re looking for a company to offer ice blasting services around Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, call AEG Environmental today. Our team will ensure that your facility is made clean and tidy once again.

How AEG Environmental Can Help You

AEG Environmental has the ability to help businesses with whatever messes they may need to have cleaned, whether those messes are severe or mild. If you find yourself with a spill that needs to be cleaned urgently, we have an emergency phone service that you can access whenever you need it. We always have staff members overseeing this phone service, so we’ll be ready to answer the call if you ever need our assistance.

How Does Ice Blasting Work?

Ice blasting is a highly efficient method of cleaning businesses around Abbottstown, Pennsylvania. While facilities could elect to use other types of cleaning, there are a few traits ice blasting has that make it stand out.

The way blasting works is that CO2 pellets are propelled at the surfaces that need to be cleaned. Once these pellets make contact with surfaces, the force of the impact causes dirt and grime to come loose. This means that cleaning surfaces requires less physical labor. On top of that, the post-cleanup process is also less labor-intensive. Since there is minimal leftover residue after cleaning is done, you won’t have much tidying up to do once blasting has been completed, making it a lot more convenient for businesses that use it.

How Exactly Can Ice Blasting Help Your Abbottstown, Pennsylvania Business?

  • You won’t be required to turn any machines off
  • Targeted surfaces don’t get damaged
  • It’s safe and toxic-free
  • Highly efficient
  • No secondary waste gets left behind after cleaning is done

Why is Ice Blasting a Better Option Than Other Cleaning Methods?

Ice blasting has some characteristics that separate it from other cleaning options that businesses could be using. The first distinguishing trait is that it’s a non-flammable and non-conductive cleaning choice. It’s also non-toxic, and between all of these traits, it becomes a safer way to clean businesses.

Another benefit you gain is that there is no need to turn off any machinery while cleaning is going on. Since you’re able to keep machines on during the cleaning process, your business can run more effectively.

AEG Environmental is the Company You Want for Performing Ice Blasting Services!

We are a trusted team of ice blasting service technicians in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania.  Don’t risk your safety and health! If there has been a hazardous mess of any kind, call us today and get the best and most efficient ice blasting services!

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