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Ice Blasting in Dauphin, Pennsylvania

Ice Blasting in Dauphin, Pennsylvania

If you have a business in Dauphin, Pennsylvania that’s in need of ice blasting services, call on AEG Environmental today.

While we try our best to keep our businesses clean, dirt and grime will inevitably accumulate. Because of this, you’ll need to know how to get your business back to being neat and tidy once again. One way to clean the different parts of your business is with ice blasting services. This type of cleaning has been used across a wide range of industries over the years, and has proven to be most effective at handling all kinds of different stains, no matter how stubborn they may be.

If you have a business in Dauphin, Pennsylvania that’s in need of ice blasting services, call on AEG Environmental today. We’ll have no problems cleaning the different areas of your business so it can look its best once again.

How AEG Environmental Can Help You

AEG Environmental can handle whatever kind of messes your business may experience, regardless of how mild or severe they may be. In dire situations, we even have our very own emergency phone service that is always available for you to use. Our staff members constantly oversee this phone service so that we can come to your aid at any moment.

How Does Ice Blasting Work?

Ice blasting is a type of cleaning procedure that is utilized by various industries around Dauphin, Pennsylvania. While there are many options for how to clean your business, there is a reason that a lot of businesses will turn to ice blasting instead of other cleaning options.

Ice blasting is done by having CO2 pellets launched at whichever surfaces need to be cleaned. The pellets are launched at a great enough intensity that grime becomes unable to adhere to the blasted surfaces. This is what allows stains to be removed from surfaces so easily. As an added bonus, you won’t even need to handle any cleanup after blasting is done, which adds to the convenience that this cleaning method provides for you.

How Exactly Can Ice Blasting Help Your Dauphin, Pennsylvania Business?

  • Targeted surfaces won’t be damaged
  • You won’t need to turn any of your machines off
  • Highly efficient
  • It’s safe as well as toxic-free
  • No secondary waste will be left behind once the cleaning process has been finished

Why is Ice Blasting a Better Option Than Other Cleaning Methods?

Ice blasting has a few distinctions from other kinds of cleaning methods that you might use, and because of this, it offers different advantages to people who use it. It is non-flammable, non-toxic, and completely non-conductive as well. This makes it much safer than other kinds of cleaning options you have. Lastly, your business can stay more effective because you don’t have to shut down any of your machinery while cleaning is happening.

AEG Environmental is the Company You Want for Performing Ice Blasting Services!

We are a trusted team of ice blasting service technicians in Dauphin, Pennsylvania.  Don’t risk your safety and health! If there has been a hazardous mess of any kind, call us today and get the best and most efficient ice blasting services!

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