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Ice Blasting in Dundalk, Maryland

Ice Blasting in Dundalk, Maryland

AEG Environmental has stellar ice blasting services available to clients in the Dundalk, Maryland area.

Does your business in Dundalk, Maryland have a use for dry ice blasting services? If it does, then you should think about bringing in the services at AEG Environmental. AEG Environmental has stellar ice blasting services available to clients in the Dundalk, Maryland area. We’ve been using blasting services for over twenty years now, and we’ll use all of this experience to get your facility looking like new again.

There are plenty of reasons people will choose to use ice blasting around their businesses. It’s a highly-effective way of cleaning your business without the need to turn off any machinery. You also run a much lower risk of damaging the surfaces you clean due to the non-abrasive nature of this cleaning process. There isn’t even much cleanup to be done after blasting is finished because there is minimal leftover waste that comes from the blasting process.

How AEG Environmental Can Help You

AEG Environmental is ready to help you with whatever messes and emergencies you may have around your business. In dire situations, we have an emergency phone service at the ready for you to use at any time. We make this service available at all times because we know emergencies can come up at all times.

Once you reach out to this phone service, we’ll have a team sent over to your building to address whatever emergency you’re facing.

How Does Ice Blasting Work?

Ice blasting is a type of cleaning procedure that a lot of businesses use in order to maintain the cleanliness of their facilities. There are many different cleaning options that companies can choose, but blasting has a few perks that aren’t found in other cleaning procedures.

The blasting process involves launching CO2 pellets at the surfaces that are in need of cleaning. The pellets hit with enough force to remove dirt and grime from these surfaces. This manner of cleaning surfaces is easy, simple, and virtually maintenance-free.

How Exactly Can Ice Blasting Be Helpful?

  • Very effective
  • No need to turn machinery off
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Affected surfaces don’t suffer damage
  • No secondary waste after cleaning

Why is Ice Blasting a Better Option Than Other Cleaning Methods?

Like we had brought up before, blasting has a few advantages that make it the cleaning option of choice for many businesses. The less abrasive nature of this cleaning process means you’re less likely to damage your surfaces. Also, it is a non-toxic, non-conductive, and non-flammable way of cleaning up your facility. When you put all of the factors together, dry ice blasting becomes one of the most effective, and one of the safest, ways to keep your business in top form.

AEG Environmental is the Company You Want for Performing Ice Blasting Services!

We are a trusted team of ice blasting service technicians in Dundalk, Maryland.  Don’t risk your safety and health! If there has been a hazardous mess of any kind, call us today and get the best and most efficient ice blasting services!

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