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Mercury Remediation in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania


Mercury Remediation in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania

For mercury remediation services around Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, call on AEG Environmental today.

Mercury is a substance that can be incredibly dangerous, especially when it’s not handled the way that it should be handled. When handling mercury, you will try your best to handle it with care and avoid spills from happening. Sadly, there is always the chance that a spill could occur at your facility, and if a spill does happen, you’ll want to know a mercury remediation company that can deal with the spill effectively.

For mercury remediation services around Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, call on AEG Environmental today. We have been helping clients with mercury spills since the year of 1995. With this experience, we’ll make sure that any spill you encounter is effectively cleaned.

What Makes Mercury So Dangerous?

Facilities all around the Abbottstown, Pennsylvania area are working with hazardous materials, which include mercury. As we had mentioned before, while mercury spills are something we try to prevent, there is still the chance that they happen. Trusting mercury remediation professionals from AEG Environmental gives you the comfort of knowing that your spill will be cleaned to a professional standard.

Mercury is quite dangerous on its own, and it becomes increasingly dangerous whenever it falls from high places. Upon colliding with the ground from a high place, mercury will split itself up into microbeads. For every foot from which mercury has fallen, the microbeads can travel up to three feet. This increases the surface area that mercury is able to cover, which only makes it more of a hazard.

The microbeads then create a vapor which is possible for people to inhale. If inhaled, the microbeads can harm people’s immune systems.

Our Mercury Remediation Team in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania

Mercury is not an easy substance to clean off of surfaces, and the difficulty only increases once the mercury has split into microbeads. Dealing with all of the cleanup on your own can be a serious chore, and it can be a great option to hire mercury remediation services to help you on your behalf. Fortunately, the team at AEG Environmental knows all of the steps necessary to clean up any kind of mercury spill you may have.

Transportation Options for Mercury Remediation Services

There are a lot of businesses around Abbottstown, Pennsylvania that can be helped with mercury remediation services. If you ever feel like you could use these services yourself, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to come help you out. Fortunately, we at AEG Environmental reach out to help a wide range of facilities because we wish to help as many clients as possible. Here are some of the industries that AEG Environmental serves:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Clinics
  • Homes & Apartments
  • Utilities
  • Dental Offices
  • Vehicles
  • Government Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Schools
  • Historic Buildings
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Ships

Let AEG Environmental Be Your Mercury Remediation Company!

We are a trusted team of mercury remediation and environmental waste professionals in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania.  Don’t risk your safety and health! If you think there has been a mercury spill, call us today and get a proper mercury assessment of your property.

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