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Mercury Remediation Services in Aspers, Pennsylvania

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If your business needs mercury remediation services in Aspers, Pennsylvania, AEG Environmental is your go-to.

Mercury is considered a dangerous substance, primarily when it’s not handled the way it’s supposed to get dealt with. So, you should always be careful when you work with mercury. However, we must be prepared for the possibility that a mercury spill can happen regardless of us being careful. If this happens, you must find a company in your area that can provide mercury remediation.

If your business needs mercury remediation services in Aspers, Pennsylvania, AEG Environmental is your go-to. Our team has years of experience remedying mercury spill incidents. Visit our website to learn more!

Pennsylvania Mercury Remediation Company

Cleaning mercury is no simple task, so it becomes more brutal when it splits into microbeads. Plus, this can make it hard for you to clean a mercury spill by yourself. Hence, it’s in your best interest to hire mercury remediation services in Aspers, Pennsylvania, to assist you with any mercury spill you may experience. Was there a mercury spill at your facility in the past? If so, was the property properly decontaminated?

The staff at AEG Environmental are constantly ready to help customers with their mercury spills. In addition, we know all of the necessary steps to get your mercury spill cleaned thoroughly.

How is Mercury Dangerous?

There are companies in Aspers, Pennsylvania, that handle dangerous materials daily, and this includes mercury. As mentioned before, mercury spills will always be possible no matter how much we try to prevent it. However, if you know a reputable company that can provide your organization with mercury remediation services, you’ll know they will clean any spill efficiently.

Furthermore, mercury’s hazardous level heightens when it falls from high up places. If mercury drops from a great height and touches the ground, it will split into microbeads. Also, for every foot mercury drops, the microbeads can travel 3x the distance. So, since the microbeads can cover the added surface area, it makes mercury significantly more dangerous. In addition, the microbeads will convert into a vapor that people can inhale. As a result, this can hurt their immune systems if they inhale mercury in this gaseous form.

Mercury Remediation Services in Aspers, PA

Many industries in Aspers, PA, can benefit from mercury remediation services. If your business ever needs mercury remediation assistance, call AEG Environmental at 1‑877‑876‑1100. Our company helps out plenty of industries in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Medical Clinics
  • Government Facilities
  • Schools
  • Vehicles
  • Homes & Apartments
  • Dental Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Ships
  • Historic Buildings
  • Utilities


We are a trusted team of mercury remediation and environmental waste professionals in Aspers, Pennsylvania. Don’t risk your safety and health! If you think there has been a mercury spill, call us today and get a proper mercury assessment of your property.

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