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Mercury Spill Response in Towson, MD

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If your company is seeking mercury spill response services in Towson, Maryland, please don’t hesitate to contact AEG Environmental.

Mercury can be dangerous when people don’t manage it as they should. So, you must always be cautious when you work around mercury. With over two decades of experience providing mercury spill response services in Towson, MD, AEG Environmental is equipped to handle any facility needs for clients in different settings. In particular, our staff is meticulous in our approach to managing mercury spills and mercury cleanup.

If your company is seeking mercury spill response services in Towson, Maryland, please don’t hesitate to contact AEG Environmental at our 24-hour emergency response number 410-494-7587 or toll-free at 1-877-876-1100.

Commercial Mercury Spill Response Services in Towson, MD

There are commercial businesses near Towson that manage hazardous materials daily, including mercury. So, there will always be that possibility of preventing mercury spills. However, if you know a reputable company that may provide your site with mercury spill response services, you understand that any spill that occurs can be cleaned effectively. Consider AEG Environmental as your go-to mercury spill response company on the East Coast!

Consequences of a Mercury Spill in Your Business

  • It’s not an easy task to clean a mercury spill. When mercury falls, it splits into microbeads, becoming difficult to track.
  • A mercury spill is harmful to people’s health. Short-term exposure to mercury may lead to vomiting, nausea, breathing difficulties, chest pain, and vision problems for those who surround your company.

Residential Mercury Spill Response Services in Towson, MD

Mercury’s hazard level only increases when it drops from high places, becoming into microbeads. The microbeads can travel 3x the distance for every foot mercury drops. Since the microbeads can cover the additional surface area, mercury is dangerous. Additionally, the microbeads will become a harmful vapor that people may inhale. If others inhale mercury in this gaseous form, it might impact their immune systems. If your residential property requires mercury spill response services in Towson, MD, call AEG Environmental toll-free at 1-877-876-1100!

What Not To Do After a Mercury Spill

  • Avoid utilizing a vacuum cleaner to remove mercury because the vacuum will release mercury into the air, increasing exposure.
  • Never use a broom to eliminate mercury because it will break it into smaller droplets and spread them.
  • Avoid pouring mercury down the drain because it might get stuck in the plumbing and cause potential problems during plumbing repairs. If discharged, mercury may pollute the local sewage treatment plant or septic tank.
  • Also, never walk around with contaminated clothing because you may risk spreading mercury.

Since high levels of mercury vapor in your usual breathing zone are dangerous, AEG Environmental works diligently to lower them for individuals primarily sensitive to exposure, including children, the elderly, and pregnant women.

Mercury Spill Remediation Company in Towson

Many companies and homes in Towson and surrounding communities can benefit from mercury spill response services. If you ever think your business or home may need mercury spill response services, AEG Environmental is ready to assist you. Our environmental firm serves many industries, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Clinics
  • Homes & Apartments
  • Utilities
  • Schools
  • Ships
  • Government Facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Vehicles
  • Historic Buildings

Other Areas We Service

At AEG Environmental, we happily extend our services and solutions beyond Towson, Maryland, ensuring that our expertise in mercury remediation is available throughout the surrounding areas:

  • Baltimore
  • Maryland
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Pennsylvania
  • Northern Virginia
  • Delaware

What Our Clients Say About AEG Environmental

I have worked with the folks at AEG while employed at other environmental firms and found the team at AEG to always be upstanding, honest, hard-working people. I highly recommend their services to anyone having an environmental need anywhere within their geographical coverage. – Rick D., Westminster, MD

I appreciate that AEG Environmental is always there for us. – Megan L., Frederick, MD


We are a trusted team of mercury remediation and environmental waste professionals in Towson, Maryland. Don’t risk your safety and health! If you think there has been a mercury spill, call us today and get a proper mercury assessment of your property.

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