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Mercury Vapor Removal Services in Baltimore, MD

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For mercury vapor removal services around Baltimore, Maryland, contact AEG Environmental now!

Does your business work with mercury? Did you know that mercury is viewed as dangerous when you don’t handle it properly? When working with mercury, you will try to manage it carefully and avoid any spills. Unfortunately, there is always the risk of a fall at your facility. So, you’ll have to receive mercury vapor removal services if it does happen.

For mercury vapor removal services around Baltimore, Maryland, contact AEG Environmental now! Our mercury remediation team has been helping clients with mercury spills since 1995. Without adequate experience and knowledge in handling mercury, our technicians will ensure to clean any spill thoroughly.

Baltimore Mercury Vapor Removal Services

Baltimore, Maryland, facilities constantly work with hazardous materials, including mercury. Although mercury spills can be preventable, they still happen. So, receiving mercury vapor removal services from AEG Environmental provides the comfort your spill will be cleaned professionally.

In fact, mercury becomes dangerous whenever it drops from higher areas. Also, the mercury will become microbeads once it collides with the ground from a higher site. Additionally, the microbeads will travel three feet per foot from which mercury drops. Consequently, this will increase the surface area that mercury can cover, making it more dangerous. Plus, the microbeads develop a vapor, making it possible for other people to inhale. As a result, the microbeads can possibly harm people’s immune systems if they inhale it.

Mercury Vapor Removal Company in Baltimore, MD

Moreover, mercury is a complex substance to clean off surfaces. Sadly, the risk only increases once the mercury has become into microbeads. So, it may be severe to handle all the cleanup. In contrast, hiring mercury vapor removal services from AEG Environmental is ideal. Our experts know the necessary steps to clean up any mercury spill type you might have.

Mercury Vapor Removal Services in Baltimore, Maryland

Many businesses near Baltimore, MD, may receive mercury vapor removal services assistance. If you require these services, AEG Environmental can help! We also welcome you to check out the industry list that we currently serve:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical clinics
  • Utilities
  • Dental offices
  • Government facilities
  • Ships
  • Vehicles
  • And homes and apartments

With over twenty years of experience offering mercury vapor removal services to clients in Maryland, our seasoned team can accurately assess your premise and provide solutions. Even better, our mercury spill response team will inspect the spill site and develop a plan to minimize the liability and risk connected with a mercury spill. So, call AEG Environmental toll-free at 1-877-876-1100!


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