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Plant Decommissioning Services in DC

Plant Decommissioning Services in DC

If you need plant decommissioning services in DC, AEG Environmental can help you out!

If you need plant decommissioning services in DC, AEG Environmental can help you out! We have worked on many properties across several years, honing our craft so that we can handle any problem you have. Thanks to the years of experience we’ve gained, we’ll know what needs to be done to be helpful for your facility.

AEG Environmental is a Company On Which You Can Rely!

Both our natural and economic environments are worlds different today from how they were many years ago. The lifespan of chemicals is typically much shorter nowadays. As a result, companies are required to adapt more often to these fast-paced changes. There are plenty of reasons for a chemical plant to undergo the decommissioning process. Sometimes, the technology hasn’t been modernized.  In other instances, a corporate takeover may have occurred. Some chemical plants have to deal with relocation. Since plant decommissioning takes a large amount of time, it’s important to have a capable company guiding you through the entire process.

There are Three “Ds” of Decommissioning

There are three “Ds” that encompass what plant decommissioning services are. They refer to the terms decontamination, dismantling, and disposal.


Decontamination is the initial step in the plant decommissioning process. It’s the stage during which contaminants are taken out of your plant system. There are a few methods used during decontamination, like washing, heating, mechanical cleaning, treatment, and dry ice blasting. Contaminants could be in any number of varieties, whether they are vapors, gasses, liquids, or solids. Because decontamination takes a large number of steps, the duration of the process is sometimes unclear.


The next step in plant decommissioning is having equipment dismantled. This is another multi-step process, and therefore, it is another step that is time-intensive. Only employees experienced in this line of work should be handling this step.


The last step is the disposal process. This is the step during which a plant either gets disposed of completely or gets relocated. You’ll need to know about the disposal best practices when getting this part of decommissioning done.

We Have Highly-Trained Staff in the Field of Plant Decommissioning

While many people know how to get new plants commissioned, it’s a whole other process getting decommissioning done. Decommissioning requires people to have a specific skill set, and we have this skill set at AEG Environmental. The first few steps during decommissioning are incredibly confidential, so you’re going to need a company that is worthy of your trust.  AEG Environmental is a company that you can trust with plant decommissioning because we have all of the needed skills for dealing with such a complex job. When you work with us, you can be sure that our plant decommissioning services are done with great precision and care.

Pick AEG Environmental to Supply You With Your Plant Decommissioning Services!

No matter what kind of environmental management issue you may be facing, AEG Environmental will help. We handle every situation with care, dedication, and a commitment to exemplary customer service. When you have an emergency, you can rely on us! Contact us today to get started. We’re the best team for expert plant decommissioning services in Baltimore, Maryland.

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