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Residential Mercury Remediation Services in Harrisburg, PA

aeg environmental residential mercury remediation services in harrisburg

If your property requires residential mercury remediation services in Harrisburg, PA, AEG Environmental can assist!

Elemental mercury spills are prevalent and highly hazardous. An elemental mercury spill that isn’t properly cleaned up may increase serious health threats to residents and those who visit the property. If your property requires residential mercury remediation services in Harrisburg, PA, AEG Environmental can assist! With over two decades of experience providing mercury remediation services to clients in the DMV area, including Pennsylvania, our company can accurately analyze your site and offer solutions.

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Harrisburg Residential Mercury Remediation Company

Why are residential mercury remediation services vital for your Harrisburg property? When elemental mercury falls and hits a hard surface, it converts into microbeads. In addition, these microbeads can travel up to three feet per foot that they fall. As a result, these microbeads provoke a significant threat due to their increased surface area, which develops an increased off-gassing of mercury vapors. The vapors from the microbeads are particularly harmful to kids, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems.

AEG Environmental has one of the biggest mercury response teams on the East Coast. The mercury vapors and microbeads are extremely hard to clean up, but no worries, we got you!

Residential Mercury Remediation Services in Pennsylvania

Was there previously a mercury spill at your property? If yes, were you able to decontaminate the site correctly? Elemental mercury is a silver-colored metal in liquid form at room temperature. While it’s a naturally occurring metal, it’s available in many man-made products like blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, switches, and light bulbs. From time to time, mercury is accidentally spilled from these products and released into the environment.

When others in your property are vulnerable to mercury vapors, the consequences can be harmful. Additionally, mercury is a neurotoxin that can provoke various severe health problems. This indicates your site must be assessed promptly if you think contamination is possible. If your home or facility has contamination, our technicians will send a certified mercury responder to your site to sample the air for evidence of mercury vapors. Our technicians use state-of-the-art instrumentation, including Jerome J505 Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Arizona Instruments Jerome 431-X Glod Film Technology, and Lumex products – to search for mercury vapors.

Mercury Remediation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

It is recommended that most families not attempt to clean up any mercury that is more than the contents of a single thermometer. For liquid mercury spills more extensive than the contents of a single thermometer, contact AEG Environmental. Our residential mercury remediation service team can handle it safely and efficiently.


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