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The Best Lab Packing Services in York, Pennsylvania

The Best Lab Packing Services in Hanover, Pennsylvania

Since 1995, we have been providing lab packing services for clients throughout the York, Pennsylvania community.

Are you looking for the best lab packing services available for your company in York, Pennsylvania? At AEG Environmental, our expert team is committed to providing comprehensive lab packing services as well as other waste management services that are the best in the industry and handle everything with the utmost care and responsibility. 

Who Are We?

Since 1995, we have been providing lab packing services for clients throughout the York, Pennsylvania community. Our team of chemists are knowledgeable in all aspects of lab packing and can provide your facility with superior service that you can always rely on and trust. With our commitment to being the best in the industry and our highly responsive customer service, we will provide you with exceptional value for all of your lab packing needs.

Our Lab Packing Program

Our team’s lab packing program always ensures that there is proper handling, packaging, transportation, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals during the service. Our highly trained team is skilled in chemical characterization and segregation, in order to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Their expertise are exactly what you need to ensure the best safety practices for all equipment, materials, and personnel. Additionally, we always keep our clients in compliance with the latest EPA and DOT regulations.

How Does Lab Packing Work?

When customers have laboratory chemicals that need to be disposed of, our team is quickly dispatched to the facility in order to collect, identify, label, and package the waste in approved containers. An inventory and packing list is created for each container. From this information, all required paperwork – including manifests, Land Disposal Restriction (LDR) forms, and container labels – is created. Once packaged and labeled, the waste is transported by AEG Environmental in our fully permitted hazardous waste hauling vehicles to permitted Treatment, Storage, and Disposal facilities.

Our lab pack program includes the disposal of items such as:

  • Acids & Bases
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Paints & Thinners
  • Solvents
  • Inks & Dyes
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Organic Peroxides
  • Toxic Materials
  • Pesticides
  • Oxidizers

Perfect for Moving Laboratories

For customers looking to move their chemicals from an old laboratory to a new one, our team will safely segregate, package, transport all materials, and unpack at the destination site safely and efficiently to ensure a smooth moving process. Our technicians complete each job with care, skill, and careful attention to detail! You can always rely on our team for the best lab packing services that keep all facilities and materials safe.

What About Facility Closures?

When a facility is facing closure or a major cleanout, AEG environmental will handle all aspects of the move for you! We always provide our customers with experienced project managers and chemists who have extensive training under their belts to perform comprehensive, site-specific chemical removal and disposal for facilities going through a closure or major cleanout.

The Most Efficient Lab Packing Services in York, Pennsylvania!

We are a trusted team of cleanup service technicians that can assist with the best lab packing services available in the York, PA community.  Make sure your lab is efficiently packed with our expert team’s help. Call us today and get the best team onsite!

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