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3 Important Safety Regulations that Shouldn’t be Overlooked

3 Important Safety Regulations that Shouldn't be Overlooked

There are so many hazardous material safety regulations that need to be followed, and it seems like they are always changing.

There are so many hazardous material safety regulations that need to be followed, and it seems like they are always changing. All of it can easily become overwhelming if you’re not careful. Since there are so many regulations, one or two things may get overlooked. Here are three safety regulations you definitely shouldn’t overlook!

Fire Safety

One of the biggest risks of managing hazardous chemicals is fire. This is why The NFPA created The Uniform Fire Code. The code basically states that all precautions must be taken to mitigate the risk of a fire. This includes flame resistant lab coats and coveralls, ventilation, storage room requirements, and so much more. The code is separated into classes and the class you belong to is based on the amount of hazardous material you have on-site and the amount of waste your facility produces.

Inventory Tracking

When you’re in a lab or any other type of facility with hazardous materials, it is extremely important to know what you have. Not only is it a safety issue, but both OSHA and the EPA have regulations regarding material inventory. With the right software, this task is far less daunting. Make sure everyone involved is familiar with your inventory policies and do regular audits to make sure everything is catalogued as it should be.

Unknown Substances

Sometimes, you may come across a bottle without a label or even one with a label that you just can’t read for one reason or another. This is classified as an “unknown”. Any number of factors could have caused it to become unidentifiable, but regardless of how it got that way an unidentifiable substance must be treated as a hazardous material.


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