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The Top 3 Industries that Generate Hazardous Waste


Hazardous waste is generated by many heavy manufacturing industries.

According to reports, the world disposes of over 400 million tons of hazardous waste each year. Hazardous waste is harmful to our environment and can pose a threat to human healthy living. This kind of waste needs special treatment in order to be disposed of quickly and safely – this ensures it does as little harm to the environment as possible. Many industries employ a waste management service to handle this for them. Here are the 3 industries that generate the most hazardous waste – and consequently, the ones most in need of waste management services!

1. Chemical Manufacturing

This industry produces industrial chemicals and converts raw materials such as metals, natural gas, crude oil, and minerals into different products. Some are used for other commercial and industrial purposes while some are produced for home use, such as cosmetics. This industry generates a huge amount of hazardous waste material during the production process.

2. Paint Manufacturing

This industry uses heavy metals and solvents that can potentially contaminate groundwater if not disposed of properly. Waste management services can collect this waste and recycle all of the solvents and heavy metals. The recycled material comprises about 85% of the total waste collected and can be sold back to the industry. The non-recyclable part can be repurposed as a fuel in the cement industry.

3. Paper Manufacturing

Wood is not the only thing used to make paper. It has to pass through a number of chemicals and inks during the production process that are harmful to the environment.  Sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide are all emitted in the course of producing paper. In addition, ammonia, nitrates, benzene, and mercury are just a few of the byproducts of making paper. Paper manufacturers need a solid management plan for their hazardous waste. Choosing a team experienced in hazardous waste disposal is a good move.


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