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3 Things to Remember About Hazardous Waste Containment

3 Things to Remember About Hazardous Waste Containment

Hazardous waste containment can be one of the most dangerous parts of handling hazardous waste.

Hazardous waste containment can be one of the most dangerous parts of handling hazardous waste. With that in mind, you must do everything you can to keep your workers safe when they are interacting with the hazardous materials. Ensuring everyone involved is properly trained is crucial.

Follow All Guidelines

Before anything else, you must be sure that you are following all the guidelines regarding hazardous waste containment. These guidelines have to do with ensuring safety, as well as knowing how the waste can affect its environment, and you must also know what you are dealing when it comes to the different types of hazardous waste. Compliance is important for safety, as well as avoiding the steep non-compliance fines.

Use Correct Containers

Always be sure to use the proper container for each type of hazardous waste. Containers at their most basic are vessels for moving hazardous substances around. Tanks might be needed, either open or closed, to hold even more waste. For dealing with wood, you might need drip pads which can gather the preservative used to treat the wood along with any debris that comes off in the process. Sometimes, you will even need to dedicate entire buildings to containing your waste so that it can’t harm anyone or damage anything around it.

Consider Other Factors

Once you have the containers you need, you also need to determine how long the waste can be stored safely before your disposal team arrives. How long you can hold onto the waste mostly depends on how much you generate, as well as factors such as toxicity and volatility. At the same time, you have to be mindful of possible violations. Two of the most common violations come from leaving any containers on your site opened and exposed and neglecting to perform regular inspections. The inspections are meant to find problems before they escalate or become a safety risk. Through inspections, you can also decide if additional safety measures are necessary. The safety of your employees and your facility should be a top priority.


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