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5 Frequent Hazardous Waste Policy Violations

5 Frequent Hazardous Waste Policy Violations

Ensure your hazardous waste handling is always safe and compliant!

When you are disposing of hazardous waste, it can be easy to violate federal safety policies. The first step to avoiding violations is to know the rules. If you need hazardous waste safety training, call AEG Environmental today! Make sure you avoid these violations the next time you have waste you need to dispose of.

Exposed Containers

You should never leave your hazardous waste in open containers. Exposure runs the risk of harming your workers and visitors. You must make sure that all containers are kept well-sealed. The only exception to this policy is that they can be open when you are filling the containers, or attempting to empty them.

Incorrect Labels

You also need to make sure that all of your labels are as correct and accurate as possible. If your labels are incorrect or contain the wrong information, then that is another hazardous waste policy violation and a huge safety risk.

No Emergency Plans

When you are working with hazardous waste, you must prepare for any emergency situations. If you do not have these plans in place, then it’s possible you could violate another safety regulation. You need to have emergency plans in writing. You can outline your response, and how it might affect both humans and the environment if an emergency should happen – whether it is a spill, a meltdown, a fire, or an explosion. If you do not create and maintain these plans, then it is a serious violation.

Insufficient Training

You should also make sure that all of your employees receive enough training to know what to do when disposing of hazardous waste along with how to respond if an emergency happens. Safety is important, and training helps ensure that safety is always maintained. Without the right training, proper containment procedures may not be followed which is a major cause for concern.

Lack of Inspections

Regular inspections are a critical part of ensuring your hazardous waste disposal is as safe as possible. If you are not scheduling these inspections to happen regularly, then you should.


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