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A Guide to Non-Conforming Waste

A Guide to Non-Conforming Waste

It can be tricky to deal with waste that doesn’t conform to regulatory guidelines.

It can be tricky to deal with waste that doesn’t conform to regulatory guidelines. Many waste generators don’t know how to deal with it since these standards are more obscure and confusing to understand than other rules relating to the industry are. Here is a guide to non-conforming waste that should make everything clear!

In Treatment 

Treatment facilities are obligated to handle and properly dispose of hazardous waste. When it comes to waste generators, there is a protocol known as cradle to the grave – from the time waste it is generated, whoever produced it is obligated to ensure that it is promptly destroyed. One solution for eliminating non-conforming hazardous waste is to send it to a treatment facility for decontamination and disposal. For this method to work, a waste analysis plan or WAP needs to be established first. The plan is essential, because it outlines how the rest of the process will work, any other accommodations that need to be made, and represents another piece of paperwork that can help cover the company in case of liability issues

In the Name of Waste 

Hazardous waste, no matter what material it is, is dangerous. This should be evident from the name alone. Every facility that handles waste, whether or not it is non-conforming, needs to have waste profiles on file. It helps indicate what chemicals are inside the newly-arrived containers, how they might react with other hazardous or non-hazardous substances, and its attributes – if they are toxic, in what way? All of the profiles and other paperwork must be included. Even with hard copies attached to the barrels or boxes of the hazardous waste attached to the containers, you can’t go wrong with including digital copies just to be on the safe side!

Reasons for Nonconformity 

Nonconformity is a strange thing. Many reasons could be behind it. Inspections are a necessary part of the process, and these inspections could determine that something is out of place or filed incorrectly – both of which can lead to nonconformity.  


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