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The Basics of Dry Ice Blasting

The Basics of Dry Ice Blasting

How much do you know about dry ice blasting?

How much do you know about dry ice blasting? Many industrial and chemical plants rely on it. The reason why is because it is so helpful for keeping large spaces clean, especially when huge numbers of people must share the same space while impressing visitors, customers, and clients alike! Here is more information on the basics of dry ice blasting.

How It Works 

Proper applications of pressure make all the difference. Without it, the dry ice blasting procedure simply won’t work the way you want or expect. Even so, you won’t have to wait. Once you have finished the blasting process, the floors and walkways are almost immediately safe to walk on again. Under time-sensitive conditions, eliminating the wait time can be the difference-maker that you have been looking for all along. You also need frozen CO2, the actual dry ice, to complete the process. By using CO2, you can clean up mercury spills, chemical leaks, medical biohazards, and other materials that won’t lift using conventional-grade cleaning solutions such as water and vinegar. The pellets that you use are flash-frozen, much like the food that astronauts take up into space with them – there’s no time to microwave something in orbit! Anything that the pellets touch or otherwise come into contact with freeze over, no fuss, no muss. It will also make your employees’ lives easier because there isn’t any messy cleanup to deal with later on after everything is said and done. 

After Completion 

Once the process has been completed, what can you look forward to next? That is the question we strive to answer for you here. Basically, you have nothing else you are obligated to do after the dry ice has finished its work. That’s one of the perks of dry ice blasting, as long as you have professionals carry it out. The experts know all the techniques and which pieces of personal protective equipment to bring on-site, meaning you can focus on disposing of hazardous waste after it is generated and fulfill your duty to the cradle-to-grave protocol that all waste generators are bound to abide by! 


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