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Addressing Myths About Recycling

Addressing Myths About Recycling

Despite the prevalence of recycling, there are still many different myths about it.

Every year, more people are recycling than ever before. Almost every American has access to some type of recycling facility for virtually anything, including things like electronics, paper, and glass. Despite the prevalence of recycling, there are still many different myths about it that prevent people from recycling properly or recycling as much as possible. Here are some of the myths and the truth behind them.

Recycling Doesn’t Make a Difference

One of the many reasons why some people do not recycle is they think that it doesn’t make a difference in the end. After all, does recycling a plastic bottle or two really make a difference in the greater scheme of things? The answer is yes! Being able to recycle your waste products can give them a new life somewhere else. Additionally, recycling things like glass and aluminum is much more eco-friendly than using raw materials to make the same thing again. Over time, your recycling can have a big impact.

Curbside Recycling Is the Only Option

Another common myth about recycling is that it can only be done in the bins that are placed in front of your house at the end of the week. Unfortunately, some people end up throwing out things because their recycling bin is full, or they assume that curbside recycling is the only option available to them. However, there are many different ways to recycle a full variety of things. Almost 2/3 of Americans live close to a drop-off recycling center where they can bring the recyclables any time during the week. Additionally, these centers provide you with a way to donate oversized things that shouldn’t be placed in a curbside bin, like electronics or appliances.

Recycling Is Hard

Great strides have been made across the past decade to make recycling more accessible now than ever before. One of the advancements is a single stream recycling. This allows people to combine a variety of recyclables, including everything from tin cans to glass bottles, in the same container. This saves time for people who want to recycle and reduces barriers to getting started.

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