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Errors That Can Occur While Transporting Hazardous Materials

Errors That Can Occur While Transporting Hazardous Materials

Take a look at these errors that could happen while you’re getting hazardous materials transported.

If you ever have a need to ship hazardous materials, you can’t really make any mistakes during the transporting process. Errors during this process can result in people getting injured, or even killed, and your property can also be damaged significantly as well. To prevent mistakes, we’ve compiled a few of the errors that can be made so that you know what to avoid doing at your facility. Take a look at these errors that could happen while you’re getting hazardous materials transported.

Not Declaring and Labeling Goods Correctly

Transparency is a virtue if you’re going to stay compliant while transporting hazardous materials. You need to have the right hazmat placards or labels that indicate what hazard class is appropriate for the contents inside a container. You also have to declare them by using a declaration form from the official shipper. By following these steps, everyone working with hazardous materials will know precisely what kinds of materials they’re handling, which will help them make more informed decisions regarding how to stay safe around them.

Not Taking Different Transportation Modes Into Account

The rules and laws regarding handling of hazardous materials can vary based on the manner by which they are transported. In other words, as an example, packaging requirements for materials can change depending on whether they are shipped using transportation on the ground versus through the air. This is why it’s important to let everyone know the method of transportation you’re using so that you can ensure you follow the proper packaging requirements.

Making Assumptions That Goods Aren’t Hazardous

Sometimes, you may encounter materials that don’t seem like they would be hazardous, but you come to find out that they are. Never assume that a material is non-hazardous. Always conduct research beforehand, just to be sure that you are being safe when handling whatever materials you have.

Allowing Untrained Staff to Work With Hazardous Materials

Any staff member who works with hazardous materials must have the training to handle these materials properly. When we say training, we don’t just mean they need formal training; we also mean they have to have hands-on experience working with these substances. Make sure any staff member who handles hazardous materials has had sufficient time to work under a supervisor before they manage substances on their own.

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