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Creating a Chemical Hygiene Plan

Creating a Chemical Hygiene Plan

Your hygiene plan must include certain, very specific key elements.

If you are mandated to have a proper chemical hygiene plan, you should definitely think about everything it entails. In fact, based on the OSHA requirements, your hygiene plan must include certain, very specific key elements. Here are the definitive steps to take to help guide you towards developing a chemical hygiene plan that actually works. 

Standard Operating Procedures

The first thing you’ll need is a plan that actually outlines and lays out the correct standard operating procedures. In fact, a descriptive standard operating procedure becomes a must-have in any effective chemical hygiene plan. 

Defining Criteria For Implementation

Another key factor for creating a chemical hygiene plan involves properly defining the requisite criteria necessary for the proper implementation of any control measures necessary. In fact, it involves the employer making sure employees are protected — which is precisely where a chemical hygiene plan comes into play. 

Defining And Documenting Proper Procedures

Maintaining proper functioning is essential when looking to create a proper chemical hygiene plan. In fact, when there are chemical fume hoods in play or other protective equipment, it becomes necessary for all employees to know how to properly use these different types of equipment — by following all the proper procedures. The proper procedures need to be in place to protect everyone — especially all employees.

Employee Information And Training

It is extremely necessary that all employees are properly trained and informed when it comes to procedures and protocol measures. In fact, developing a proper chemical hygiene plan becomes integral to the safety of everyone. As a result, having employees who are informed and properly trained regarding a chemical hygiene plan is essential. 

Providing Criteria For Prior Approval

One of the key components of a proper chemical hygiene plan is to always provide criteria to everyone involved of any and all prior approval that may be necessary. In fact, doing so will ensure employees are aware and can accurately follow all the proper processes and procedures without any worry or confusion. 


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