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Two Vital Questions About Chemicals and a Chemical Inventory

Two Vital Questions About Chemicals and a Chemical Inventory

Inventorying your current stocks of chemicals is more important than many companies realize.

Inventorying your current stocks of chemicals is more important than many companies realize. Laboratories conducting critical research also can’t afford to run low on their supplies, which is why checking and double-checking what materials you have on hand is essential.

When Was the Last One?

Different industries will have different regulations. Regardless, you can’t overlook or postpone chemical inventories indefinitely. If you cannot recall when the last one happened, then it’s a sign that it needs to be taken care of. The same advice goes for if your records contain no indication of when the inventory last occurred or if you had any partners who oversaw the process for you. Once a year is the most commonly decided upon solution. Even so, it may be necessary to run multiple inventories throughout a year, even if it is at the end of every quarter. More frequent checks can help determine the cause behind stocks of valuable chemicals going missing or being stolen.

Onsite storage is also essential. For something like this, offsite storage is inadvisable. Once the inventory is completed, you need to retain the results for your records. Even if kept on digital storage in the cloud, you need to have a printout that is easy to find and read. This printout should list what chemicals you have. Meanwhile, a copy of that list should be kept on file at the front desk in case of any emergencies, such as an accidental spill or fume release.

Why Do You Need One Again?

We have established a timeline for when your next inventory should happen. Now the next question becomes why it is necessary in the first place. Chemical inventories work like the inventories that retail stores carry out and that grocery stores also do: to find out what needs to be in the next shipment of deliveries. A well-stocked lab or other research facility is one that can meet its mission expectations without missing a deadline. That level organization can mean the difference between an experiment succeeding or failing.


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