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Ways That Dry Ice Blasting Can Be Used

Ways That Dry Ice Blasting Can Be Used

Today, we’ll be reviewing the various ways you can use dry ice blasting to keep your business clean.

Part of running a business means keeping it clean around the clock. Cleaning the various surfaces of your business can be a lot of work, so it helps to have a cleaning method that makes the cleaning process easier on your staff. One cleaning method that is popular for its ease of use is dry ice blasting. This type of cleaning is helpful to industries all around the country because it has a variety of uses. Today, we’ll be reviewing the various ways you can use dry ice blasting to keep your business clean.

Cleaning Your Equipment

Dry ice blasting is incredibly powerful, to the point that you can use it on anything from forklifts to engines to conveyor belts, and more. Even the more stubborn stains these pieces of equipment acquire will be no trouble if you use dry ice blasting. You can even use ice blasting on more sensitive equipment that may be difficult to clean by other means. It’s a non-abrasive and non-conductive method of cleaning, meaning the chances of you damaging your equipment are quite low.

Cleaning Mold

Cleaning mold by hand is a serious chore. It takes a lot of time. You have to take apart your equipment in order to clean every crevice. You have to reassemble everything once cleaning is done. Switching over to dry ice blasting is a great way to cut down on time you spend cleaning mold, and you can clean surfaces more effectively than you would by hand. This leads to greater productivity for your business, which can help your bottom line.

Surface Preparation

While you could try cleaning surfaces with sandblasting or highly-pressurized water, these options are more likely to damage surfaces You don’t want surfaces to suffer any damage that can be avoided, and opting for dry ice blasting as your cleaning method of choice allows you to clean surfaces just as effectively without being as abrasive. This way, surfaces don’t suffer as much damage, and you can also apply a new coat of paint once cleaning is done.


Perhaps there are historical structures around your business that you don’t want to clean by standard means. With dry ice blasting, you can get rid of contaminants on these surfaces without causing any damage. You’re also able to reach tight spaces that can’t normally be reached, which allows for a more thorough cleaning.

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