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Four Common Misconceptions about Hazardous Waste Disposal

Four Common Misconceptions about Hazardous Waste Disposal

Knowing all the necessary facts about hazardous waste disposal is crucial for safety and compliance.

Proper disposal of business waste, whether hazardous or not, is a topic that should be approached with care. Not only is adequate disposal necessary for safety reasons, but environmental ones as well. Knowing what your business needs to do to stay compliant with local and federal waste disposal regulations is important, Today we’ll address four of the most common misconceptions.

If A Product Is Labeled As Non-Hazardous, It’s Not A Threat

Even facilities that use non-hazardous ingredients and materials must evaluate every bit of waste before disposal. On occasion, business waste may be classified as industrial waste by the disposal facility. Should this happen, the waste may be held to a stricter standard than it otherwise would.

If Waste Isn’t Hazardous, It Doesn’t Need A Paper Trail

Both hazardous and non-hazardous waste must have cradle-to-grave tracking, which makes it critical that verifying with recycling and disposal vendors happens before any waste is shipped. On occasion, this type of paperwork does incur additional fees, but a reputable vendor should provide this documentation without needing to be asked or for an additional cost.

Signing A Hazardous Waste Manifest For My Employer Does Not Mean That I Need DOT Hazardous Material Training

DOT title 49 CFR training for hazardous material training is required every three years for every individual who is involved with recycling, shipment, and handling of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. This covers paperwork preparation and handling as well as packaging, loading, and labeling.

Once Hazardous Waste Is Released To A Disposal Facility You’re No Longer Responsible

While it may be tempting to assume that your hazardous waste is no longer your responsibility once it’s disposed of this just isn’t true. Generators of hazardous waste have cradle-to-grave responsibility. Even after disposal has been properly paid for the CERCLA legislation states that you are officially responsible for any potential cleanup until the waste is officially recycled or destroyed.


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