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Keeping Track of Industrial Wastes

Keeping Track of Industrial Wastes

Not everything you want to dispose of is safe to end up in a landfill.

Not everything you want to dispose of is safe to end up in a landfill. Most of the wastes found on job sites are industrial wastes. They are the results of industrial processes and should be handled with care. Industrial waste isn’t always hazardous, but it cannot go into a landfill with the rest of the garbage either. It should be stored in color-coded containers according to the types of materials until your waste management company picks it up. This classification and separation process is essential for environmental safety, as well as the safety of your facility and employees.

Where Did it Go?

Disorganization results in chaos, which is dangerous for any facility but is especially so when a facility handles materials that can threaten public or environmental safety. Distributing industrial wastes into the proper containers helps your facility remain organized. Everyone will know exactly where waste materials need to go.

When materials are in the proper containers, it also streamlines the pickup process for your waste management company. Everyone has a much easier time ensuring all necessary paperwork is in order to maintain compliance.

Keep it Safe

Not only does keeping industrial wastes separated help with organization, it also keeps your facility and employees safe. If a material is flammable, putting it in the proper container will keep it away from the incinerator. Industrial wastes that are hazardous materials will need to be disposed of according to their specific guidelines. AEG Environmental can train you and your employees on the proper containment procedures for your industrial wastes, and we will dispose of waste materials according to State and Federal guidelines.


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