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Performing a Chemical Inventory

Performing a Chemical Inventory

Do you need to perform a chemical inventory?

Do you need to perform a chemical inventory? Whenever your building is mostly empty or your school is unoccupied, these are the best times to perform a chemical inventory and dispose of any chemicals that you no longer need.

When Was Your Last Inventory Performed?

Depending on your industry, a chemical inventory must be performed at least once a year. In some cases, you may have to do this more frequently. In this case, you will want to be sure inventories are performed on a monthly or weekly basis. The purpose of taking inventory is to track where your chemicals are going whenever they are taken off-site. There may be chemicals you need but are currently not in use; these chemicals need to be stored at your site. However, that makes an inventory even more critical.

Once your latest chemical inventory is complete, keep it posted by the storage room so you know what chemicals are kept inside at all times. A second list should also be kept on hand at the front desk in case an emergency, such as a chemical spill, happens.

Why Do You Need a Chemical Inventory?

Simply put, performing a chemical allows you to check what chemicals you have by looking at one sheet. The chemicals on the list by the storeroom, for instance, could name what is inside, while the other list kept at the front desk could operate as a master list, indicating which chemicals are stored in the other parts of the building. Plus, you can also list the quantities of each chemical to make sure that nothing goes missing.

The chemical inventory also makes purchasing new chemicals simpler. This is because you will know which substances you will need, and which ones you will not. Schools occasionally carry hazardous chemicals. However, we recommend that schools avoid carrying more than a 2-year supply of each of these chemicals. Anything older than 2 years should be disposed of promptly.


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