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Making Sure Oil Spills Don’t Happen Around Your Business


Making Sure Oil Spills Don’t Happen Around Your Business

Here are ways to prevent oil spills around your business.

Safety in the workplace will be a top priority for all businesses. One part of keeping your staff members safe is being aware of the potential dangers that exist in your environment. One threat to the wellbeing of your staff, and the environment, is an oil spill. Oil spills can cause a great deal of damage to your equipment and your property as a whole, not to mention how it can put people and the environment at risk. This doesn’t even take into consideration the financial burden that comes with an oil spill on your property. Therefore, it’s imperative that you take as many precautions as possible to prevent oil spills from happening. Here are ways to prevent oil spills around your business.

Get Employees Trained on the Right Safety Procedures

All of your employees should have training on the best ways to handle oil and other types of hazardous substances. They should be aware of the dangers that oil can present, and how to clean an oil spill if one were to arise around your property. Proper storing of oil should also be thoroughly understood by all staff members. Make sure that all of the relevant handling procedures are up-to-date in order to maximize safety. Among the safety measures that should be taken, it’s imperative that you have a spill containment kit around your facility. This way, if an oil spill were to arise, your staff would be able to swiftly address and contain the spill before it gets out of hand.

Have the Right Types of Oil Containers

Whenever there’s a spot around your business that presents the risk of an oil spill, you need to have an oil containment system  in that area. This type of system will stop oil from leaking and causing damage throughout  your property. You could use a catch basin insert, which can catch spilled oil in your drains, or use a secondary containment sump, which you would put underneath oil drums and storage tanks.

Inspect and Maintain Your Equipment

Any equipment you have that relates to oil management needs to be inspected and maintained to ensure the equipment doesn’t fail you and allow an oil spill to happen. If you notice any indicators that your equipment could be starting to age or get worn down, you’ll want to make the necessary repairs or get your equipment replaced before a leak is able to happen. This way, you can stay proactive when it comes to managing oil spills, instead of reacting to a spill that could’ve been prevented. Once you start being reactive instead of proactive, it will not only take more time to fix problems, but it’ll cost more money too.

Let AEG Environmental Handle Your Oil Spills

No matter what kind of oil spill you may be facing, AEG Environmental will help. We handle every situation with care, dedication, and a commitment to exemplary customer service. When you have an emergency, you can rely on us! Contact us today to get started.

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