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What Happens When Exposed to Heavy Metals?

What Happens When Exposed to Heavy Metals?

Here are the effects that can come from exposure to heavy metals.

People work in all different kinds of places, and we experience different things in our work environments. Depending on your work environment, it’s possible that you could be exposed to different kinds of heavy metals. Examples of heavy metals include the following: 

  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Beryllium

All heavy metals affect our bodies differently, but the effects are never good, which is why you need to be protected against them. To help keep you safe, it’s also important to know how these metals can affect you, so you know what to do to avoid the worst from happening. Here are the effects that can come from exposure to heavy metals.

Acute Heavy Metal Poisoning

This can happen whenever people are exposed to a heavy amount of heavy metal at once. In the workplace, this circumstance could present itself in the form of an industrial spill. The results can be severe because of the sudden exposure to such a large amount of a dangerous substance. Serious health issues can arise and, in some cases, even death can happen.

Long-Term Heavy Metal Poisoning

While it’s more commonly known that sudden exposure to a lot of heavy metals can cause health problems, more evidence is presenting itself to suggest that even smaller doses of them can be concerning, especially over long periods of time. Depending on the kind of metal that is ingested, the health effects can vary. Some symptoms of extended exposure to heavy metals include:

  • Irritation of stomach
  • Nerve tissue damage
  • Cancer
  • Hair loss
  • Changing heart rhythm and high blood pressure

Keeping Yourself Safe Against Heavy Metals

In order to protect yourself against heavy metals, the most important thing you should do is minimize the amount of exposure you have to them. The less exposure people have with heavy metals, the less time those metals will have to affect them.

It’s also a good idea to get diagnosed for heavy metal exposure, especially if you think you are at greater risk for being affected by them. Only highly-trained medical professionals should ever perform these diagnoses for you.

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