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Medical Waste Safety Tips

Medical Waste Safety Tips

Dealing with medical waste can be incredibly dangerous. However, there are ways to do it safely.

Dealing with medical waste can be incredibly dangerous. However, there are ways to do it safely. Here are just a few ways that you can ensure that all the waste and other byproducts are stored and disposed of properly.

Preventing Injuries

Medical sharps are one of the most common types of medical waste. When it comes to handling medical sharps, it is imperative that you and all of your team members exercise extreme caution to avoid injuries caused by the sharps. Anyone who must interact with a sharp must know which disposal containers to use, how to change out the containers safely, and how to react in case they or someone else is injured by the sharp and potentially exposed something contained in the needle.

Avoiding Overflows

Another crucial part of medical waste disposal is to avoid overflows. Overflows of regular garbage can be unsafe and unsanitary as it is, however, since it is hard to know what contaminants are contained in the medical waste, it’s even more important to dispose of it quickly and efficiently. This situation presents a hazard to your staff and anyone who comes to visit your facility. That’s why communication is key: you can work with your waste disposal partner to determine the best schedule for all parties involved. That way, all medical waste is eliminated in a predictable pattern every day, week, or month.

Handling Disposal

Removing medical waste containers can be difficult. Fortunately, your medical waste disposal partner carries years of experience and training in this practice. Locking and unlocking containers, moving them out, and unloading the containers are all critical to the successful disposal of medical waste, and these tasks are best left to the professionals. By doing so, you dramatically decrease the risks of contaminating your facility and endangering your patients and staff.


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