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More Questions That Get Asked About Dry Ice Blasting

More Questions That Get Asked About Dry Ice Blasting

Here are more questions people have about dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting can be one of the most efficient options for getting your facility cleaned up. It’s a no-hassle cleaning process that doesn’t harm your surfaces, doesn’t require much maintenance after cleaning, and can be used in tight spaces.

Even with all of these perks, though, some people want to know more about this cleaning process before they commit to it. For this reason, many questions revolve around ice blasting. We’ve reviewed some questions before, but we want to go over additional questions that get brought up. Here are more questions people have about dry ice blasting.

Is Dry Ice Blasting Possible Indoors?

Yes, dry ice blasting is perfectly fine to do indoors. It’s actually quite common to use this cleaning method to clean machinery and various furnishings in people’s buildings. There isn’t even any mess once cleaning has been finished. During ice blasting, ice pellets are shot at the designated surfaces, but these pellets vaporize when they get to room temperature, so you don’t have to worry about a pile of pellets scattered around your building.

The surfaces you clean also don’t get damaged, meaning it’s safe to use in many areas of your facility. Just be sure you wear the right personal protective equipment when you’re cleaning to ensure maximum safety.

What Happens to the Dirt, Oil, and Grease That Gets Hit With Dry Ice Blasting?

When dry ice blasting is used on different surfaces, the dirt and debris on those surfaces will fall onto the floor. This makes it easier to clean up the debris, whether it’s with a broom or vacuum. Strong chemicals are not needed to get everything cleaned, which makes it easier to protect your surfaces from getting damaged.

If you’re going to clean and oily spots or areas that are wet, you should do some mopping before you start blasting with dry ice.

What Happens To The Debris That Gets Cleaned Up With Dry Ice Blasting?

Naturally, you can’t just blast surfaces with dry ice and call it a day. While this method is low-maintenance, that’s not the same as no maintenance. When you’re done performing dry ice blasting, you can either dispose of the remaining debris on-site, or you can contain the debris and then dispose of it at another location. Just be sure that you abide by all regulations and best practices in your area when disposing of your waste.

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