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Questions People Have About Dry Ice Blasting

Questions People Have About Dry Ice Blasting

To help you better understand what exactly dry ice blasting services are, here are some of the questions people have about it.

When people want to get their businesses cleaned up, there are many methods of cleaning that could be used. One of these cleaning methods is dry ice blasting. This style of cleaning isn’t known by everyone, so questions arise regarding how it works. To help you better understand what exactly dry ice blasting services are, here are some of the questions people have about it.

What Benefits Do Dry Ice Blasting Services Provide?

Dry ice blasting is wonderful for many reasons. You don’t have to power down any appliances that need to be cleaned, which can save you considerable time. It also saves time by not leaving any secondary waste behind, making cleanup incredibly swift and simple. This isn’t an abrasive procedure, so you don’t risk damaging the surfaces that you clean. Lastly, it’s a non-toxic cleaning procedure, which makes it that much safer when compared to other cleaning methods.

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Compare to Other Cleaning Options?

This method of cleaning is great for many reasons. It isn’t abrasive or conductive. There are no flammable materials involved, and it uses non-toxic substances, all while remaining highly effective at getting an area clean. You can even use dry ice blasting while machines are still operating, so you don’t have to skip a beat when using dry ice to keep your building clean.

Unlike most other cleaning options, dry ice blasting leaves no residue behind, making cleanup a breeze. Also, using dry ice is completely safe in electrical settings because it’s not an electrically conductive material, unlike other options.

Can Dry Ice Clean Mold?

Dry ice is perfect for cleaning any mold you have in the area. With dry ice blasting, you can rid yourself of 99% of all mold spores found on wood. You can also kill off various types of bacteria and organic contaminants, including E Coli and Salmonella.

What Industries Can Make Use of These Services?

The pool of industries that dry ice blasting services can benefit is vast. Automotive industries can use these services for engine blocks, welding machinery, CNC machines, paint, and tire mold.

Building maintenance services have many areas where dry ice blasting can be useful. Depending on the building they’re maintaining, they could use dry ice to clean all sorts of things, ranging from historical markers to tire marks to HVAC units and more.

Food industries love that dry ice can clean up kitchen equipment like ovens and mixers without leaving residue behind. You can also clean floors and walls this way.

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