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Reasons That You Should Be Using Dry Ice Blasting

AEG Environmental Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting can offer a superior clean without the harmful side effects of chemical-based cleaners.

Dry ice blasting has been gaining traction as a cleaning option for various industries. With that said, not all industries are embracing this style of cleaning yet, but it has so much to offer that, if you aren’t using ice blasting yet, you may want to consider making the switch. If you’re on the fence about hiring dry ice blasting services, here are reasons it would be worth your while to use them.

You Get a Superior Cleaning

When compared with other methods of cleaning, dry ice blasting tends to be more efficient. You get cleaning done much sooner, which helps raise business efficiency. Ice blasting is especially useful with machinery because you don’t affect its production, and you can even leave machinery running while you clean. This allows you to perform preventive maintenance and spot cleaning more often without causing your machinery any risk.

You Can Clean in-Place

Dry ice blasting doesn’t create secondary waste, and it doesn’t use any chemical solutions or aqueous materials. This means you don’t have to worry about dismantling and rebuilding equipment in order to clean it; you can just clean it in-place instead. Because of this, businesses don’t have to shut down as often.

Dry Ice Blasting is Non-Abrasive

While ice blasting is strong and effective at cleaning surfaces, it also makes sure not to damage the surfaces that it cleans. This means you can use ice blasting to clean surfaces that are more sensitive, extending their lifespans and lowering the chances of you damaging them while you’re cleaning.

No Leftover Residue After Cleaning

A lot of cleaning methods leave some sort of leftover residue behind once the cleaning process has been finished. Dry ice blasting is an exception, though, because it generates virtually no secondary waste. The dry ice pellets that are used on the surfaces you clean will vaporize on contact, making cleanup a breeze.

Not only is cleanup simple, but you avoid having to take precautionary measures at the start of the cleaning process. For example, you don’t have to put electronics in protective wrapping because no moisture ever gets introduced during the blasting process.

It Is an Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Solution

The dry ice that gets used during cleaning is made from CO2, but it does not create additional CO2, meaning it won’t contribute further to any sort of greenhouse effect. Ice blasting is actually friendly enough to the environment that it has garnered approval from the FDA, USDA, and EPA. The dry ice used to clean surfaces has no taste, odor, or color, and is even approved to be used around foods.

Choose AEG Environmental for Your Dry Ice Blasting Services

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